What I love about Macau

By Gail | Nov 3, 2020
Why I love Macau

I have a particular fondness for Macau. It’s the distinctive combination of Macanese, Chinese and Portuguese influence. It’s also the peaceful way it seems to approach life. Hong Kong can be a hectic place, so a short ferry ride to the former Portuguese colony can be a refreshing respite. Macau is most known for its casinos, which have grown in number dramatically since my last…

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What I love about Hong Kong

By Gail | Oct 29, 2020
I love Hong Kong

Hong Kong. The harbour is indisputably the essence of the city.  The whole place has an undeniable energy about it – with the liveliness of both Hong Kong Island and Kowloon Peninsula balanced by the waters of Victoria Harbour. I’ve been to Hong Kong three times in the past twenty years and each visit has revealed something different. It’s such a vibrant and dynamic place…

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The Value of Tea

By Gail | Sep 27, 2020
The Value of Tea

I was a relatively late convert to tea. I used to prefer coffee and I think my mum, as a dedicated tea-drinker, felt she’d failed in my upbringing. But I redeemed myself when I saw the light and switched from beans to leaves. Tea features in my novel Cherry Blossom Footsteps. Set in Japan and Hong Kong, tea is a recurring element throughout Lauren’s journey.…

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Say it better – words from other languages

By Gail | Aug 7, 2020
Wabi sabi mural Kyoto

You can become a better traveller by paying attention to words that don’t exist in English, says travel writer Brian Johnston. He went on to talk about a Dutch word voopret, which literally translates as ‘pre-fun’, and might be used to describe the feeling of excitement we get when planning a trip. While foreign travel is off limits at present, maybe we can have some…

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A little something extra

By Gail | Aug 7, 2020
La Belle Esplanade NOLA Gail Holloway

Sometimes, if you’re lucky, you get a little something extra. Like when you order a half dozen doughnuts or potato cakes and they throw in one more as a bonus. In New Orleans they have a local word for that – Lagniappe. We picked up one excellent word, a word worth travelling to New Orleans to get; a nice, limber, expressive, handy word — ‘lagniappe’. They pronounce it lanny- yap. It is Spanish — so they said.  MarkTwain, ‘Life on the Mississippi’. On my first visit to New Orleans in 2015, I was staying at a wonderful bed and breakfast, La…

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The book

What I love about Japan

Cherry Blossom Footsteps

Adventures in Japan and Hong Kong

About the author

I turned my attention to fiction after nurturing a love of writing journals to record my many travels. Some elements of Cherry Blossom Footsteps are based on my own experiences. (I'm not revealing which, though).

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