Cherry Blossom Footsteps

Adventures in Japan and Hong Kong


Twenty-something Lauren is on her first overseas adventure - to Japan, then Hong Kong, tracing the 1960s footsteps of her beloved nan.

This enchanting tale follows Lauren on a fun journey, through two vibrant Asian cultures. With an ancient history, modern life, new friendships and romance, Lauren’s is a story of discovery - of new lands, and herself.



'Cherry Blossom Footsteps - Adventures in Japan and Hong Kong'


Takes you to spring time in Japan and Hong Kong


Learn their ancient history and vibrant cultures


Discover friendships and romance

Readers share their thoughts
about Cherry Blossom Footsteps

"I hadn't ever wanted to visit Japan, but now I do"

Noelene Barnes

"There's much more to Hong Kong than I'd realised."

Diana Gibson



The story behind Gail's first-ever published novel

Gail Holloway writing

How I got started writing

I didn’t set out to write a novel. Cherry Blossom Footsteps was the first piece of creative writing I had done, and it began after an overseas trip when I…

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Gail Holloway songs

1960s music from the Kyoto retro nightclub

In Cherry Blossom Footsteps, Lauren and her travel mates go to a retro nightclub. I’ve made a YouTube playlist of songs and dance videos from Lauren’s last night in Kyoto.…

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My personal chop stamp

I love Asian art and have several pieces that I’ve collected on various travels. Some that I picked up while travelling in Japan and Hong Kong have ‘chops’. These are…

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